by Leslie D. Soule

With five crystals to destroy, in order to rob the dark lord Malegaunt of his power, Ash Kensington\’s path is set. She begins a quest with the talking cat, Greymalkin, and her wyvern, Slick. But when she meets up with the handsome dragon slayer, Draeon, her senses overwhelm her, and she becomes distracted. Will she be able to destroy the crystals in time to challenge Malegaunt?

Ash wasn’t so sure, and her breath caught in her throat. I feel like this is some dreadful portent. Still, she dusted off her cloak, throwing it over her arm. I’ll have to find a spot for it to dry when we get back to the house. She fixed her chestnut hair up into a ponytail and followed Greymalkin over a carpet of snow, brushing snowflakes away from her pale face as she continued on. Things had been tense lately at the house in the deep woods and, though neither Will nor Terces had said anything directly, Ash recognized the strange signs: the knowing glances they gave each other, Will’s frantic writing sessions, and Terces’s new interest in the fighting arts. Terces had been a jester his whole life, so there was no reason on earth why he’d need to fight anyone. What in the world was going on? Ash knew that they were up to something. Why wouldn’t they tell her what it was? If they were planning something, she wanted to help. The sense of not knowing was killing her. Still, she wasn’t going to bring it up at dinner. Surely Will and Terces would tell her eventually…right?


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-What inspired you to become a writer?

Well, I’ve always written stories, I just haven’t always shared them with others. What inspired me was that I wanted to start sharing some of the thoughts that came to me, and to create Fallenwood as a world that others could enjoy, rather than just keeping it to myself. I feel like I’ve always been a writer, not so much became one.

-If you could visit your book’s world for a day, what one thing would you do?

I’d hang out with the mermaids and mermen. They don’t appear in the books thus far, but they’re going to be in book 4, which I’m working on right now.

-Give us a fun or interesting fact you learned researching this book.

You can turn an existing shed-type building into a workable horse stable, if it’s big enough.

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks and pizza with?

I’d love to go and hang out with Greymalkin, the talking cat, but we couldn’t go for drinks and pizza, of course, unless he’d transformed into his human form.

-You’re in a tavern, and a dwarf challenges you to a duel. What do you do?

Offer to buy him a drink instead. I wouldn’t want to get into a fight with a dwarf. I always like to imagine what I’d be like, in Middle-Earth and I think I’d be a rebel elf, who hangs out with the elves during the day, and secretly sneaks out to party with the dwarves at night.

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

Well, I would have said murder mystery, but my friend Tom has had this idea for a voodoo killer novel, and we’re working on it. I’m actually really liking how it’s turning out.


Leslie D. Soule is a fantasy/sci-fi author from Sacramento, CA. She has an M.A. in English from National University, and is currently working on the final book of her fantasy series, The Fallenwood Chronicles.

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