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As a Michigan resident, I’m saddened by went on in Jamestown Township following the primary elections last week. Due to an organized movement of people against LGBTQ books, the community voted to defund the library.

I’m a book person, which is probably obvious. I believe books should include everyone, and I support the amazing work libraries do in getting voices in front of readers. For a community to defund a library based on less than 1% of the books that library has because this subgroup of people finds these books unsuitable…it undermines what reading and learning are all about.

I’m sharing this GoFundMe that’s been set up to help fund the Patmos Library through 2023 while they rally the support for a millage. At the time of this post, they’ve raised over a third of the funds they need, so let’s keep the support going for the people, the books, and the future.

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