by Warwick Gleeson

WORLD WAR OZ from coast to coast.

An adult fantasy that takes one of America\’s favorite tales and transforms it into a dark and epic landscape few can escape much less understand. Imagine Potter meets Avengers in Emerald city and you\’re getting close.

After a homicidal alien from Orion arrives on Earth intent on annihilating human life, the 21st century\’s greatest sorcerers create a network of seven Oz-like city worlds designed to harbor the human race in a newly formed utopia while also protecting it from the alien entity. But the alien is far more magically powerful than anyone suspected. Piper Robbin, ancient daughter of the Earth\’s greatest sorcerer inventor, Edison Godfellow, must sacrifice all to defeat the implacable force that calls itself \”The Witch Queen of Oz,\” and quickly, before Earth becomes only a cold cinder floating among the stars.

THE FORGOTTEN CHILD IN PIPER ROBBIN, for the first time that day in the coffee shop, understood the meaning of true panic. Crushing a stone to powder or throwing a javelin half a mile wouldn’t fix anything (and neither would anyone in New York care) like in the old days of Ulysses. Muttering spells that made deserts bloom or oceans boil meant less than cooking a burger on the grill. Mortality for all, even the gods and greatest sorcerers, might be just around the corner. People think just because you’re a great magical being of some kind you have it made. Nothing could be more wrong. Your hopes and dreams are often spit on, your happiness ruined, your friends killed, and you lose sleep at night, worrying about shit just like everyone else. And besides obligations you really don’t want, you face mega-dangerous freaks way too often because you’re expected to, you know, cause you’re the official bad ass superwoman. By the gods! Really? You crawl in pain and heave up your insides for starters, die in lots of ways, and after all that trouble, sometimes you don’t come back.

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-If you could have one paranormal ability, what would it be?

Control the minds of others. You could create a huge force for good, or evil.

-What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to learn about you?

That I am insecure about my writing.

-When writing descriptions of your hero/ine, what feature do you start with?

Well, that all depends on the scene and circumstances. If she/he has already been adequately described, there is no need to begin with any particular feature. Overall, eyes are a huge feature, and they vary from character to character. They are the stand outs as far as features go.

-Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Most certainly a planner. How can I even intelligently write the first scene, or inciting incident, if I actually do not know how the story will develop? Pantsers need to be tasked with writing a screenplay or two. That will cure them.


Warwick Gleeson is a dedicated writer of screenplays, short stories, novels, and poetry. He has lived in both LA and NYC and worked many different jobs in his life, everything from roofer to waiter to small business owner to government analyst. He was the major writer, creator, and senior story editor for another project published by Del Sol Press called \”War of the World Makers\” that debuted in 2017. The novel has since won four national novel awards (two first place and two place) for SFF. Warwick is a big fan of great SFF television writing, like the kind you find in Emerald City, Gotham, The Expanse, and Umbrella Academy. He now lives in Tuscon, AZ, with a fat lazy cat and his most wonderful wife who is also a writer.


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  1. I've really enjoyed following the tour for Piper Robbin and the American Oz Maker and I'm looking forward to checking it out. Thanks for sharing the great posts along the way 🙂

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