by PD Alleva

The Denemer\’s had it all: Fame, fortune, family, and the American Dream. But tough times have landed on their doorstep— Gerri\’s acting career is mired in controversy, financial decline is strangling the family bond, and his marriage to Kelli Anne is on the rocks. He\’d rather die than face another catastrophe, something the Devil is more than eager to assist. On the night Gerri attempts to end his suffering, his plan is thwarted by a voice in his smart TV, pulling him into a dimension where past, present, and future collide, and the fate of the human race hangs in the balance. But Gerri is not alone. The Devil\’s minions are nipping at his heels and Kelli is right behind them, determined to save her family and put right what has gone wrong. Will they be successful? Is the bond between husband and wife strong enough to defeat evil? Will they prevent World War III or will evil\’s plan triumph? Presenting the Marriage of Kelli Anne and Gerri Denemer: A Horror Story, is a tour de force thriller of dark fiction, romance, and horror in an epic battle between good and evil.

She was reluctant to climb those stairs. The thin stairway to the third floor, dark and gloomy, held inside it an ascent to a new life.

Kelli Anne had a feeling in her gut.

Your world’s about to change.

Her breath was heavy and constricted. She pursed her lips to force the air down into her lungs.

Whatever was beyond that door, she did not know.

Perhaps I want no part in it.

In her mind, she saw goblins and devils jumping up and down inside that room, in some devilish parade of victory. A sinister face, thin, long with a goatee and dark, black eyes, stood prominent in her mind.

She stood at the bottom of the stairs, unmoving.

Something in the air coming from the top of the stairs, simply frightening and unknown, dark and contemptuous, wanted nothing of her presence

Where is your husband, Mrs. Denemer?

She ascended, the air turning thick, like struggling through a vat of jelly. She pushed through it, climbing the staircase and pushing forward. Her jaw quivering, her hand on the doorknob.

It was locked.

Only, she’d removed the lock a few days ago, when concern over Gerri’s wellbeing had pushed her to take dire precautions.

She tried again.


She coughed through the thick air, now like billowing smoke in her throat.


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Did you find it easy, difficult, or so-so combining horror and romance?

Easy, although of course any story comes with its difficulties. Without revealing too much about the story, the most difficult aspect I had trouble with was the reason why Gerri would commit suicide because it had to reflect an aspect within his relationship with Kelli. What else would spiral a human being down a path of darkness, hate and horror more than the loss of love. The loss of everything they’ve come to know and depend on.

Personally speaking, the line between dark and light is very thin. Walking on that line, we can teeter between love and hate and if we are not careful we can fall into the darkness. But what has history shown us? Great stories are able to blend the dark and the light but all if not most find a way to stay within the light, more than usually through the love of another. These are age old, universal themes. In order to be delivered into the light we face our darkest challenges and our strongest fears.

Its so easy to succumb to fear and so much easier to give in than to face that fear head on. But it’s through the darkness that we ultimately find the light. Love lights the way. I consider horror and love themes to be interlinked. Yes, I could have made this a true horror story, where fear wins and the horror continues, but to me that would not reflect the story I see on a daily basis. It is unity, collaboration, strength of heart and character that drive us to seek higher ground and win internal battles. Courage is facing the truth behind your own fears. Facing the truth and accepting what is and what was with a hope of what can be. Any great love story requires the extreme on the other hand and vice versa. As in life, trials and tribulations are combatted together and sometimes we need the love of another to show us the love we have within.

Also, to keep in line with the universal theme of the series, I required a romance, a love story within the series. Also, as in life, sometimes the good guys win and sometimes the bad guys win. Future installments may not be so inspiring. But then again, maybe they will.


P.D. Alleva is an author, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist specializing in trauma, addiction and mental health. He is the author of several books, including fiction novels, Indifference and A Billion Tiny Moments In Time…, Seriously Twisted; These Gods of Darkness (Poetry), Let Your Soul Evolve (1st and 2nd ed), and Spiritual Growth Therapy: Philosophy, Practices and Mindfulness Workbook (non-fiction). He has developed behavioral protocols for addiction and mental health and teaches mindfulness, Buddhist meditations and manifestation techniques to his patients as a means and alternative to using pharmaceuticals. He is currently in private practice with his wife, Lisa. He lives with his wife and children in Boca Raton, Florida.

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