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The Ghost of Walhachin

A middle-grade historical by Ramona Nehring-Silver

cover of The Ghost of Walhachin by Ramona Nehring-Silver

A ghost, time travel, and unusual friendships await Kean in Walhachin. Kean feels displaced at his home in Seattle since his mother recently re-married and has chosen to spend the summer in the small desert town with his aunt and younger cousin. Not long after arriving, he regrets his decision. There is no one his age. The town is too small for public amenities. Then everything changes when he uncorks an old soda bottle that was made in Walhachin eighty years prior. He becomes embroiled in an adventure to try and help a ghost retrieve a much-needed item from the past. In his quest to help the ghost he discovers the town\’s spirited history and develops unusual friendships with an old man in the present and a young boy in the past.

The Ghost of Walhachin is an unusual ghost story. It\’s not spooky; instead, it\’s an engaging tale of adventure and enduring friendships, with a slice of history.

– Helen Davies

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Kean shuddered. Reaching under the wire fence, he grabbed the bottle. The sleeve of his faded green T-shirt snagged on the end of a wire just as a feeling of being watched quivered down the back of his neck. He jerked the sleeve free, tearing a small hole in the fabric, and looked back over the neighbor’s yard. No one was watching, but he had an urge to get out of there – fast!

Before he noticed the strange contents of the bottle, a man’s voice called out. “What do you kids have there?”

Kean froze.

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I really enjoyed this. IT’s a very different take on a ghost story, and it was a lot of fun. The mystery kept me guessing, and the resolution (no spoilers) felt right for the story.

Kean is a protagonist to get behind. He’s feeling troubled about his mom’s new boyfriend and had to work through complicated feelings. The mystery lets him help a ghost, as well as solve his own issues. I particularly enjoyed Kean’s travels back in time. It was neat to see the town from two perspectives.

All in all, a great read for kids and adults alike. Highly recommend checking this one out.

About Ramona Nehring-Silver

 Ramona Nehring-Silver author image

Ramona Nehring-Silver\’s memories of living in and around Walhachin as a child and exploring the surroundings with seven siblings provided the initial inspirations for The Ghost of Walhachin. Ongoing motivation, and sometimes interruptions, came from her four children and thirteen grandchildren. She now lives in the far northeast corner of British Columbia, where her teaching career has ranged from adult art and writing classes to elementary school. Exploring B.C. and beyond by motorcycle is her favorite thing to do, as well as spending time with her grandchildren.

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