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New Releases

Ebook Deals

Before I dive into this week’s deals, I’ve seen a lot of authors making their books free or discounted while Covid-19 runs its course. If you have a free or discounted ebook, drop the link in the comments, share like crazy, and tell all your author buddies to drop their links, too. Let’s get a list going!
Author Obelia Akanke’s books are currently discounted, and some will be free over the coming weeks. Check out her Amazon Author Page to snag some titles.

The Science of Sci-Fi is still free with a 30-day Audible trial. Have a look here

My Tip

My guest tip this week is about the ever-important query letter. Since I’ve been seeing a lot of social media posts asking for help with queries, I thought I’d follow suit and present one of the best resources I know for whipping that query into shape.

~Query Shark

Query Shark is a blog run by literary agent Janet Reid of JetReid Literary, where she dissects letters authors send in and breaks them down into concise forms that would more likely catch an agent/editor’s eye. I’ve found just sifting through archived posts to be extremely enlightening. For more from Janet Reid, check out her agency blog here.

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Guest Tip

Please welcome this week’s guest, Victoria Griffin. Victoria specializes in editing query letters and, in keeping with this week’s query letter theme, is here today to tell us a bit about her Query Letter Success Packet. Looking for a step up from reading through query letters? Here you go…

Querying literary agents is tough. I\’ve been there, slogging through the querying trenches. I remember how surreal and amazing it felt when my agent said yes, and now I\’m in a position to help other writers reach that moment.

I am a professional editor who specializes in queries, and over the years, I\’ve helped many writers craft and refine their query letters. I\’ve also evaluated queries from the other side of the desk during pitch contests. I know what it\’s like to send queries and to receive them, and this unique perspective helps me teach querying strategies that are approachable, manageable, and extremely effective.

The Query Success Guide focuses on querying methods for the modern publishing industry. I see a lot of outdated information floating around. Even the biggest names in industry education are still teaching querying methods that were applicable five years ago but are not effective in the current market. The querying process has changed dramatically over the last few years. Agents are receiving more queries than ever, and tactics that were effective five years ago simply don\’t work anymore.

I wanted to make sure writers have access to information about effective querying strategies in a format that is extremely accessible. The Query Success Guide includes a 55-minute audiobook, a transcript of the audio in PDF and ePub formats, a visual guide with illustrative graphics, my proven query-writing system, plus a bonus querying template kit.

Writers can listen to the audio while multitasking, or they can sit down with the audio and transcript for a dedicated study session. The visual materials break down the concepts to help solidify the knowledge and help writers prepare to put the new strategies into practice and, ultimately, to reach that amazing moment when an agent recognizes how special their work really is.

~Purchase the guide here

Connect with Victoria: –websiteTwitterFacebookYoutube

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