Come some, come any,

Bring few, bring many!

Greetings, and welcome to Grimmfay, the fairy-tale inspired circus where dreams come true, wishes are granted, and not all is what it seems. There are currently three books in this story universe with more to come, so start your visit below.

cover of Once Upon a Broken Sky (Grimmfay, #0.5)
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The circus where dreams come true, for a price…

For Zelandra, the promise of escape and newfound power seemed like a dream come true when she joined the ranks of Grimmfay. Under the Master’s command, she’s enthralled countless audiences, but when a guest sees past the magic to the young woman trapped beneath, she realizes the power is nothing more than a mirage.

A fairy-tale life waits beyond the circus’s eternal night, but it will take more than a handsome prince or a wish on a star to break Grimmfay’s bonds. The illusion of power isn’t so easily given up, especially when it will stop at nothing to keep Zelandra under its control.

Step into the world of Grimmfay, a treacherous landscape of deception and desire perfect for fans of The Night Circus, Caraval, and The Lunar Chronicles.

cover of Grimmfay
available wherever books are sold

Come one, come any to the labyrinthine pathways of a dark circus and the lives of those cursed to serve it…

Twelve years have passed since Queen Zelandra fled the clutches of Grimmfay, leaving behind a legacy of shattered illusions and bitter memories. But now, Grimmfay has returned, fueled by retribution and the desire to reclaim what was lost—a fourth mistress to complete its sinister ensemble.

Within the confines of her palace, Zelandra guards against the circus’s encroaching shadow. Until the dark truth emerges—Grimmfay has not come for her. It’s come for her daughter.

Through the eyes of those ensnared in its tangled web, Grimmfay weaves a tapestry of intrigue and deception, where allies may be foes and the true enemy lies in wait, concealed behind a mask of illusion. With shifting perspectives and veiled motivations, this is a story of the secrets we keep, the lies we tell, and the sacrifices we make in the name of survival.

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