cover of Grimmfay

Come one, come any,

Bring few, bring many!

Twelve years ago, Queen Zelandra escaped Grimmfay’s hold on her soul, leaving an angry circus in her wake. Now, Grimmfay has returned to reclaim what it lost, and it will not leave without its fourth mistress. Barricaded in her palace, Zelandra must use all her power to fight its siren call.

But Grimmfay has not come for her. It’s come for her daughter.


cover of Once Upon a Broken Sky (Grimmfay, #0.5)

The circus where dreams come true, for a price…

Joining Grimmfay saved Zelandra’s life and gave her power she never thought possible. For countless performances, she’s enthralled audiences at the Master’s whim, but when a guest sees past the magic to the young woman trapped beneath, she realizes the power was never really hers.

A fairy-tale life waits beyond the circus’s eternal night, but it will take more than a handsome prince or a wish on a star to break Grimmfay’s bonds. The illusion of power isn’t so easily given up, especially when it will do everything to keep Zelandra under its control.

Come one, come any… Bring few, bring many…to Grimmfay, the fantasy circus perfect for fans of The Night Circus, Caraval, and the Lunar Chronicles.

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