a handshake representing the start of a working relationship
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Thanks again for contacting me about your project. I’m excited to get going!

Before we can get to the fun stuff, though, there’s some housekeeping that needs to be taken care of. If you’re reading this, we’ve started the process, and this page is meant to offer information and clarification about the next steps. The goal is to get through the technical stuff as quickly and easily as possible so we can dive into bringing out your story’s glory. So hang tight for a bit while I explain some stuff.

Step 1: Work Agreement

-What is the Work Agreement, and why do I have one?

I believe in laying out all the details of work in one place so they are easily accessed and available to all involved. For this reason, I have a work agreement, in which I outline the scope of the project (services I’m performing on your material), pricing, timeline, and a few other key points. The agreement is also a place to solidify our professional relationship and acts as a set of guidelines in case things don’t quite go according to plan. I also believe in keeping things understandable, so rather than “legalese,” I’ve opted for a plain language approach.

-How does the Work Agreement process go?

I manage the Work Agreement through FreshBooks (if you’re unfamiliar, it’s bookkeeping and client management software). No worries—you don’t need a FreshBooks account for the following steps. Once I get you set up in my client list there, I will put together a proposal with the details of the work I’ll perform. You’ll receive an email from FreshBooks with a link to the proposal, and the proposal will require your e-signature. Once you sign it, I’ll create an invoice with the payment and timeline details explained in the proposal. You should be able to download a PDF copy of the proposal right after you sign it, and I always include a PDF copy as an attachment on the invoice as well.

Step 2: The Invoice

-How does the invoice process work?

As I explained above, I’ll set up the invoice according to the terms we agree upon in the proposal. I Typically create a link to the invoice, which I will email to you independently of FreshBooks. I also keep a copy of the link handy to resend later if the payment is divided into multiple installments. So don’t fret if you lose track of the link. 😊

-what payment methods do I accept?

This one depends on where you’re located. I’m in the U.S. and have listed out what payments I use for both domestic and international transactions.


  • Zelle
  • credit cards (via FreshBooks payments)
  • Apple Pay (via FreshBooks payments)
  • ACH (via FreshBooks payments)
  • PayPal


  • Wise (formerly Transferwise)

*If you live in a country that doesn’t use Wise, let me know, and we can discuss alternative payment options.

And, We’re Done

See, that wasn’t so bad. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at mary@kitnkabookle.com. Otherwise, here’s to getting through the housekeeping and diving into the story!