Mary is fantastic to work with. Her collaborative approach is just the right mix of tough love and encouragement. She helped identify areas of my plot structure that could be improved while providing techniques to keep the tension up and characters real. After her help, my 160,000-word fantasy is ready for submission.

Ben Brockway

“Mary evaluated my epic fantasy, Season of Sacrifice, which wasn’t a light task at over 200k words. She clearly set the expectations up front, was extremely professional, and most importantly, delivered valuable feedback that will produce a story worth reading. I like to think that she helped me level up as a writer and hope to have her edit more of my manuscripts as I continue to produce them.”

~Author of Season of Sacrifice

Jonathan J Michael

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary for both a critique of my manuscript as well as my query letter. She has been very helpful in identifying what works, what doesn’t, as well as offering recommendations for changes. She somehow managed to identify key items that other readers hadn’t picked up on, and each time she was right! Her turnaround time is quick, and she is incredibly professional in her communication. I would highly recommend working with Mary!

Jeff Wiemiller

I’ve had the pleasure of Mary editing my flash fiction pieces. Each time, she’s provided insights that give the piece that “wow” factor. Her developmental and line editing skills are top-notch. Mary is my fiction editor of choice, and I recommend that you make her your fiction editor of choice, too.

Tina Nazerian

“I met Mary in the Fall of 2019. She offered to do a read-through and evaluate my MS. Her feedback was instrumental for developing my story, and I hired her to do a full edit after her initial feedback. I now have a well polished MS, and I love where she took me and my story. She was quick with her turnaround time. I will absolutely hire her again for my next books.”

~Author of Don’t Whisper in My Ear

Sandy Dal Santo

Mary was an absolute delight! She read my manuscript and pointed out problems that I haven’t even noticed, her turnaround time was fast and efficient, and she’s a stickler for details! Would definitely be hiring her again.

Tamara Saadeh

Mary was a beta reader for my Middle-Grade Fantasy book, Terrence and the Magical Sword of Courage. Not only did she give a timely turnaround but the feedback she gave me was top notch! She pointed out things that other readers hadn’t commented on and that I hadn’t even thought about. Her critiques were spot on and improved my story, helping shape it into a story that every reader has enjoyed. I give Mary 5/5 and highly recommend her for your projects.

C.R. Langille

I always look forward to Mary’s feedback on my writing. She taught me practically everything I know about structure and how to plot a story. Her edits are thorough and incisive, and always delivered with great warmth and kindness. I hope she’ll be helping me find the magnificence in my messy manuscripts for years to come.

Andie Biagini

I was so lucky to find a beta-reader like Mary! She was one of the first people to read my manuscript from start to finish and she was the perfect person for the job. I read her comments and, straightaway, I understood what my story was missing. She raised issues that were bothering me on a subconscious level — issues that I couldn’t identify on my own. Without her assistance, I’m sure I would still be reading and tweaking the same sentences over and over. Thank you, Mary, for helping me create a story I’m proud to share.

Rosie Shepherd