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Mischievous sisters Diane and Robin are already in trouble with their father, Captain William Marsh, commander of the starship Polaris, for a stunt they just pulled. Their punishment (grounded…again!) is cut short with the arrival of Jannel, a soft-spoken, shy girl roughly their age, and the future ruler of the planet Lasusia. Jannel has been sent to the Polaris for safekeeping from a deadly virus running rampant on her home world. As Diane and Robin learn about their new friend and the problems she faces on her war-torn planet, they vow to help her, even though they understand it means getting deeper into trouble with their father. But they are soon in over their heads, stricken by the virus, and trapped by their father’s mortal enemy. They must use all their instincts and resources to escape before they perish from the virus, along with all hopes of planetary peace.

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My Review of Beyond the Stars

This was an adorable sequel. I read the first book The Captain’s Daughters and enjoyed it, so when the chance came up to review the sequel, I jumped on it. So many good feels wrapped around strong conflict and characters. The family dynamics are just lovely. We need more science fiction like this.

Diane and Robin are fantastic protagonists. They work together amazingly, and their personalities complement one another perfectly. I love seeing the shenanigans they get into (and out of), and the relationship they have with their dad is so beautiful. The spaceship reminds me a lot of Star Trek, which gives me periodic desires to beam aboard.

All in all, another great installment in a series I very much want to see more of. Highly recommend to readers young and old who like adventure, exploration, family stories, and kids being smart.

About Doreen Berger

Doreen, known to her family and friends as Diane, has based the series on her relationship with her lifelong friend, Robin, and their spirited childhood escapades. Doreen lives on Long Island with her family and pets.

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