Grettings, folks!

I am beyond excited to announce two huge steps in my writing journey today, both related to the novella that will be hitting digital shelves near you on April 24, 2023. Once Upon a Broken Sky is a prequel novella to Grimmfay that tells of how Zelandra initially escaped the circus, and I almost can’t believe it will be a real book soon.

Cover Reveal

A huge thanks to Stardust Book Services and Zoe again. Zoe did the cover for Grimmfay, and Broken Sky uses a lot of the same elements to deliver a very different tone for a very different tale. I’m thrilled with how this came out and equally thrilled about the book itself.

ARC Signups

Which brings me to the second piece of news–ARC signups are now open for Once Upon a Broken Sky. ARC stands for “advanced reader copy,” and by filling out the form below, you can receive an e-copy of the book to review ahead of publication.

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