I’m beyond excited to announce that Grimmfay, my dark fairy-tale fantasy circus, has official cover art!

Three colorful circus tents beneath a night sky with blue stars and a red moon. Eyes peer out from the center tent.

Seriously, I’m in love.

A big big thanks to Stardust Book Services and Zoe Mellors for making this beauty a reality. Serializing this novel since January has been such a fun time, and having official cover art makes the whole thing feel real. If this gets your curiosity going, you can join me over on Patreon, where I’m releasing one chapter of Grimmfay every Wednesday.

The might, the magic, the majesty…
One Girl, wishing and wanting
Three Mistresses, of power and pride
One mother, too afraid to choose
One Master, unwilling to lose
Twelve years ago, Zelandra escaped the circus’s hold on her soul, leaving a weakened Master behind. For too long, he has waited, but by the end of this eventide, his power will be restored, one way or another…

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