cover of Honour's Rest by Judith Crow

“So, it’s – what – like magic?” 

No, according to Pen’s uncle, the Rite is not magic at all. But, if it’s not magic, then how could Pen push the school bully into a pond while he was really studying alone in the library? 

When Pen’s family realise he has the Rite, he is sent to live with his Uncle Napier, who can help him control his ability. 

But Napier has other duties. He is the Rendelf, in charge of the Rite in the UK, and he has gathered many enemies over the years… 

…enemies who would be delighted to use Pen against him.

My Review of Honour’s Rest

This was an interesting kind of part magic-school, part secret organization, mostly coming-of-age-while-trying-to-figure-things-out read. I loved the setting to pieces (but then, old magic/creepy houses in fiction are very much my thing), and the magic itself felt so atmospheric. Lots of non-magic stuff going on with kids making mistakes, learning, and growing, too. I feel like I don’t find enough books with YA boy protagonists, so that was also nice.

The family and friendships felt authentic. The characters laughed, cried, and Faught together, more or less like real people. There was a romantic subplot of sorts, which was the only thing about this that didn’t work for me. Pen saw this girl once and then several chapters later suddenly had feelings for her. It caught me off guard, and the very fast progression of a relationship after that didn’t really fit with the story. This didn’t bother me enough to hamper my reading. It just felt strange.

The ending was sad but uplifting, and there is room for a sequel, which I’d be interested in checking out. I definitely recommend giving this a shot.

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One thought on “Review: Honour’s Rest by Judith Crow

  1. Thank you so much for your review. I’m really pleased to hear you enjoyed Honour’s Rest. I loved your description of the ending as sad but uplifting – that’s exactly what I was going for!!

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