Her Dark Matter Necklace

A visionary fiction novel by Bob Albo

cover of Her Dark Matter Necklace by Bob Albo

When Alice Blair is accepted to the world-renowned St. Robert’s high school, she figures it must be a mistake since there’s nothing special about her. But on her fifteenth birthday, the headmaster gives her a necklace, and she begins to dream of weird worlds. Alice learns that as she sleeps, her consciousness actually explores the dark matter universe of Thronos, the universal spirit. As he reveals the science of dark matter, the human soul, and other mysteries, he gives her a monumental task: bring beauty to your world.

During her visits, Alice meets Reina, an alien child from an underwater planet who has been given the same task. Together they learn that beauty can be many things, like a mother’s love for a child, compassion for others, art— almost anything that gives you that good feeling in your soul. While they struggle to accomplish Thronos’ difficult task, Alice’s mission and her life are thrown into jeopardy when her connection to the dark universe is discovered. But what she doesn’t know is that she is playing a key role in St. Robert’s prophecy. If she fails, humanity will perish in flames and ashes.

The fast-paced contemporary story combines science speculation with a cosmic god, the purpose of life, human nature, consciousness, and friendships. Indeed, with one possible scientific discovery in dark matter, our view of the entire universe would become more enlightened. Big ideas for adults but told through the life of a teenager.

His dark matter weaponry work with the military was important but would be inconsequential compared to dark matter intelligence.

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An Interview with Bob Albo

-What inspired you to become a writer?

I don’t know. I spent 30 years in technology industry. Engineering degree from UCB and MBA from Harvard. (Very left brain thinking- structure, math, logic). I didn’t do much on art or music side. On top of that, I have mild dyslexia. As a child, I struggled with reading and remembering what I had just read. I did well in math and science, but poorly in English, history, and foreign languages.

My inspiration came from a desire to communicate ideas that I felt were novel. I wrote a meta-physical pamphlet about 5 years ago, but it was too academic, so I wrote a visionary fiction novel where a teenage girl with a mission to save the world deals with the ideas.

– What challenges did you encounter?

  1. I felt that I had some good ideas but had never written a story. I had to learn the basics like story structure, character arcs, show don’t tell, etc.
  2. Writing was a creative process driven by subconscious. For example, halfway through my writing, I didn’t know how my book would end. On the other hand, my work experience was all rationale thinking, planning, assessing and leading.
  3. My book didn’t fit in any traditional genre, instead incorporating science fiction, God, and ethical issues in our society, such as purpose of life and inequality. I finally discovered a new genre called Visionary Fiction where I also found my publisher and other similar authors who support each other.
  4. Sent out about a hundred inquiry letters but had no positive responses from literary agents for my first book. I self-published on Amazon, which went well but there was no marketing. Sold about 100 books mainly to friends/family who liked it. My new publisher will re-release book 1 on April 1 with a marketing launch.

-If you could visit your book’s world for a day, what one thing would you do?

I would visit the underwater world of Vepo and live like a Gorgona. Imagine swaying your lower body to swim, breathing water, hearing rather than seeing, using tentacles to grab items. While there, I would visit the essence chamber to get an image of my unique soul and go to the library to learn about my previous lives. Can you imagine learning about your earlier lives, both good and bad?

-It’s two in the morning. What does your protagonist reveal in confidence? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.)The protagonist is a 15-year-old girl named Alice. She would reveal that she doesn’t have what it takes to fulfill her mission to bring love and beauty to the world.

Her parents died a few years ago. Since then, she has managed her emotions and not gotten close to anyone. How can someone who doesn’t know love bring love to the world. Beauty is also an issue since she struggles in art class.

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?Thronos, the universal spirit who created the conditions for life and gave Alice her mission to save humanity through love and beauty. It would be non-alcoholic drinks since I would want to learn from Thronos who explores big ideas though questions and answers. For example

  • If there is a God, how was he created? What is the purpose of all life?
  • Humans are rational beings. Are people driven by intellect or emotions? Are emotions a weakness or strength?
  • What is dark matter and how is it different from known matter?
  • Why are the universal laws like gravity perfect to support life? For example, if the force of gravity was slightly stronger, then the universe would have imploded after Big Bang, and if it was slightly weaker, then stars and galaxies would not have formed. Perfection was required.

-You’re in a tavern, and a dwarf challenges you to a duel. What do you do?

Apologize and buy him a drink.

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?Romance. I believe that women are much more complex emotionally than men. Women seem to have a lot more going on in their heads. I would just embarrass myself trying to write a romance.

About Bob Albo

Bob Albo has been a business executive in the high-technology industry for over thirty years. He received an MBA from Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from UC Berkeley. He was always better in science and math than reading and writing but never stepped back from a challenge.

Four years ago, he wrote a short story, Escape Velocity, which motivated him to develop his writing craft. He is now writing a 3-book visionary fiction series, and his first published book is HER DARK MATTER NECKLACE. His next one, A CRY FOR BEAUTY, will be available this summer. He is fortunate to have the support of family and friends.

He lives in Orinda, California with his wife.

Find him online:
Visionary Fiction Alliance

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