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Welcome to the new Kit ‘N Kabookle!

I’m super excited to introduce my new and very attractive website. I made the leap from Blogger to WordPress this weekend, and it was a fantastic choice. I’m having a little too much fun playing with all the customization options, and it’s just so easy to make everything go where I want it to go. No more frantically searching for code that will do the thing, only to have it not work.

Anyway, I’m here, and this post is mostly just to get used to the editor and all the post options. Also to learn how to schedule posts. I mean, I love WordPress so far, but there’s definitely a lot of buttons that I don’t know how to use yet. Looking forward to learning, though!

Okay, thanks for celebrating with me. I’ll be back later with more featured books and posts about writing. See you around!

Don’t Forget!

It’s a brand new site, which means if you were subscribed before, you aren’t subscribed anymore. Check out the sidebar for a bunch of subscribe options so you never miss a post.

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