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Last Week’s Posts

Tuesday: THE SECRET SPICE CAFE TRILOGY by Patricia V. Davis
Thursday: SOMEONE ELSE\’S VENGEANCE by Benjamin LaMore

This Week’s Posts

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Friday: Heart and Soul by Karen Michelle Nutt

In Other News…

Oh man, so many things. The boyfriend won a two-week furlough for the beginning of July. So, when life gives you lemons, go to the boyfriend’s brothers lakehouse for a couple of weeks and just take some time to chill. I do recommend this as a destressing technique. However, don’t be like us and have a death in the family midway through. Oh, and don’t get into a minor car accident on the way home (everyone’s fine. There is a dent in the truck, though). Even so, they were a nice two weeks full of warm weather, time in the quiet, and a much-needed scenery change.

And now I’m back with lots of cool things!

-My site has it’s new domain: kitnkabookle.com. It’s shiny and pretty and lacks a blogspot.
-My newsletter is now a thing! Want non-inbox clogging updates to my promo opps, editing services, and general book things? Hop over here and sign up!
In books:

I’ve been reading a lot for work but have managed to get in one pleasure read.

This was a great middle-grade adventure with cool worlds and magic suitcases. I didn’t get as immersed as I thought, but it was still quite an enjoyable read.


Believe it or not, I’d never seen this til this week. I wound up enjoying it a lot. “Ladies, you’re both pretty. Can I go home now?” If you don’t know, watch it. It’s worth it.

We also finished up Just Add Magic: Mystery City, which ended nicely. Time to load up a new series, so drop me some suggestions.

How are things where you are? Everyone staying well, I hope.

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