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Last Week’s Posts

Monday: WARLORD by Miriam Newman
Wednesday: ANGELS ON OVERTIME by Ann Crawford

This Week’s Posts

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Monday: THE KING’S TRIAL by M.L. Farb

In Other News…

Lots of exciting things to report this week. Fasten your seatbelts, and here we go…

First, the big news. I finally did it. Guys, I bought a domain! That’s right, the Kabookle will have it’s very own .com, sans the blogspot. I’m planning to make the shift over the 4th of July weekend because it can take up to 48 hours, and I’m treating myself to not having to post that weekend. (Spoiler: there likely won’t be a Sunday post that week.) I’m rather excited about this. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and I feel like I’m joining the internet for reals.

Which brings me to more big news, I got active on Bloglovin again! Come follow me over there, and, fellow bloggers, don’t be surprised if you get a follow notification from me. I want to connect with everybody!

In less exciting news, I never got around to the French toast bake, but there will be nachos tonight, which is not French toast but still delicious.

In books:

I finished Angels on Overtime and quite enjoyed it (review linked above). Inspirational isn’t what I usually read, but I really connected with this book. There are some wonderful messages about self-worth in there that we could all benefit from.
I got in some fun reading this week, and I’m so glad I did. This was absolutely adorable! I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read from Haydu and have plans to read lots more books. Which leads to…
I mean, you can’t read something that adorable and not pick up the sequel. These are super short, and kids will eat them up (not to mention adults…hi).
I started reading The Magnolia that Bloomed Unseen by Ray Smith (review coming this week). It’s a little bit romance and a little bit history, and I’m finding it interesting so far.

And in TV shows:

We finished Just Add Magic and moved onto the spinoff series, Just Add Magic: Mystery City. It follows a character from the first series off into her new life, and the magic cookbook follows her. There was a nice transitional episode at the end of the last series that ushered the new people in while wrapping up the former group. So far, this is proving to be as fun and interesting as the original series.
It’s amazing how many times I’ve said the phrase “Murder, She Wrote” in passing but never watched the show. We started it Thursday night, and it was the exact cozy mystery feel I was in the mood for. I mean, Angela Lansbury. How can you possibly go wrong?

How was your week? What did you read/watch? Drop me a comment!

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