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Featuring book 2 in the Cyber Squad Series by A.K. Mocikat

Narated by Zachary Johnson

9 hours 28 minutes

cover of Cyber Squad book 2

The Net is a dangerous place…

Kai barely survived his encounter with the rogue AI calling itself “The God in the Machine” in the dark net. Promoted to level two with no time to recover, he has gained access to all Helltek has to offer. Life on the campus could be perfect except that Cyber Squad is one of the most high-risk jobs in the world. If the murderous AI wasn’t bad enough, the hackers who attacked TSOTA are up to no good, and a traitor within the Cyber Squad is helping them. Nothing and no one are what they seem. Not even Alice, Kai’s dream girl, who’s way more mysterious than he would have thought. Kai soon finds himself in the center of a massive conspiracy.

Luckily his team members have his back. But, will it be enough to beat forces as powerful as they’re malicious? The LitRPG adventure continues!

About A. K. Mocikat

A.K. Mocikat is the pen name of an established Sci-fi/Cyberpunk author with multiple published books. Before becoming a full-time author, A.K. worked as a game writer in the video games industry. Ever since, A.K. wanted to write a story about a game QA hunting bugs in VR – and here it is.

About Zachary Johnson

Lover of mathematics, devourer of science fiction, and connoisseur of the dad joke. When he’s not doing math for business or fun, he’s devouring science fiction and fantasy, reading up on scientific advancements, going for a jog, or, on all too rare occasions, taking a refreshing swim at the beach. At your service, you shall have an able storyteller and gifted conveyor of information. Experienced in narrating fiction, from the romantic to the post-apocalyptic, and nonfiction, from the historical to the corporate, and armed with the tools to make it all sound great, Zachary promises that, no matter the job, you’ll be read-iculously pleased!

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