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Once Upon A Princess Trio

A paranormal romance by Deborah A. Bailey

cover of Once Upon a Princess Trio by Deborah A. Bailey

Formula for Fairy Tale Love: 1 adventurous Heroine + 1 tortured-but-noble Hero = Happily-Ever-After

For all the innate complications involved in finding the secret to blissful fairy-tale love with shape-shifters, three wise and discerning princesses trust their hearts instead of their eyes and fall in love with the unlikeliest of princes.

\”Heart of Stone:\” Leesa trespasses into a haunted palace, where she meets a gargoyle. Breaking the spell that cursed him may carry a price steeper than she\’s able…or willing…to pay.

\”Beauty & the Faun:\” Kayla flees an arranged marriage and falls for a faun shifter instead. But how can she ignore her duty by refusing to marry a prince?

\”Land of Dreams:\” Cicely knows she possesses magical ability. Falling in love with the courageous, self-sacrificing Willem may be the key to her awakening…or may unleash forces that will separate them forever. (Sequel to Heart of Stone)

Box set includes books 1-3 of the Once Upon A Princess paranormal fairy-tale inspired romance novellas.

Excerpt from Beauty & the Faun

”What are you fellows doing here?\” A man walked out of the darkness and stood with his hands perched on his hips. About a foot and a half taller than Ren and Loren, he also had small horns and pointed ears. \”Who is this?\”

\”I don\’t know. She was running away,\” Ren said.

\”Then cut her loose,\” the man ordered.

Loren complied, easily cutting through the limbs holding her in place. A few hacks and Kayla fell to the ground.

\”Thank you,\” she rubbed her arms, then slowly came to her feet. \”I was telling them that I was running away.\” When she looked up, she noticed that they were all examining her with the same smile on their faces.

Kayla looked down and immediately wanted to run away again. All her clothes were gone, the remains were tattered bits of cloth on the ground. \”Oh my! Stop looking.\” She wrapped her arms across her chest. Then realized that wasn\’t exactly covering everything, so she moved one hand further down.

\”That\’s not helping,\” Ren said.

\”I still don’t understand why she didn’t wear clothes when she ran away,\” Loren remarked.

\”That tree – bush – whatever tore them off me.\” Kayla stamped her foot, unable to gesture without revealing everything. \”I\’m cold. Can we have this discussion another time?\”

\”You\’re right,\” the man bowed to her. \”My name is Del. I\’ll take you somewhere to get warm.\”

\”Del? That\’s an odd name,\” she remarked.

\”Not as odd as being a naked woman in the forest after midnight. Unless of course she was here to meet a few satyrs.\”

\”Well, I\’m not.\” The nerve of him! \”Is that what you are?\”

The boys laughed, but stopped when they saw Del\’s annoyed expression.

\”My good lady, I\’m a faun. So are Ren and Loren. You come into my forest and compare me to a satyr? I should leave you right here.”

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Guest Post

Q: Aside from the HEA, what\’s your favorite thing about fairy tales?

The wonderful thing about fairy tales is that they are life lessons. They show people how to get along in the world. They address pitfalls and fears as well as our deepest desires. Though we might be more familiar with the Disney versions of these stories, there are variations from every culture and country. Some of them, like Cinderella, originated centuries ago. As a matter of fact, one of the earliest versions of that tale is from China.

Fairy tales usually have some sort of transformation involved. A person meets a wise mentor, and they learn an important lesson, then they can fulfill their destiny. Or they go into the forest and find a different world where there\’s magic and possibility. Other stories may have originated because they wanted to teach lessons about growing up and experiencing life changes. These are things that all humans experience and so we can identify with those themes.

Sometimes the stories can be darker, and there are threats that must be overcome. There are hard lessons to learn about trust and how to deal with loss. But those are also the types of things that make stories relatable. We can see ourselves as the hero or heroine. We can understand their struggles and be happy for them when they win.

There\’s something familiar about those characters. Even if it\’s a story you\’ve never read before, it\’s feels like going on an adventure with old friends.

About Deborah A. Bailey

Deborah A. Bailey author image

Deborah A Bailey\’s Science Fiction & Paranormal Romance novels include suspense, a bit of mystery and a lot of romantic heat. Her books include the Hathor Legacy science fiction romance series and the Family Pride and Once Upon A Princess shapeshifter paranormal romance series.

Her short stories have won awards from the Philadelphia Writers\’ Conference and have been published in US1 Magazine and the Sun and are included in, Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales. She\’s the author of non-fiction books, and articles for various online publications.

Visit her site for more information and subscribe to the newsletter here so you\’ll be the first to find out about giveaways, book launches and sneak peeks.

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