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Richard, (Kiki Coto) is destined to fight corruption, and criminal organizations, whose members include politicians, judges, district attorneys, police, and others, to exonerate an innocent young lady wrongfully accused of murder. He is fighting an impossible battle. The criminals are very organized, interconnected, and conspire with each other methodically. Struggling to defeat the evil, Richard seeks help from all sources, including Ayahuasca and Divine intervention.

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Excerpt from Kiki Coto

Richard was waiting in the prison’s meeting room. A guard brought Gloria in. Richard stood up, greeted her, and introduced himself as Mr. Andrew Ramstone’s assistant. He asked Gloria very politely and respectfully to have a seat.

For a couple of seconds, they surveyed each other without saying a word. It was like they were trying to remember where they had seen each other before. They both felt they had known one another for a long time but could not remember from where. Then, like waking up from a sweet dream, Richard started the conversation by apologizing to Gloria without giving any reason for apologizing and started explaining that he had some questions he needed to ask.

Before Richard started with his questions, Gloria said, “You look familiar. Have we met before?”

Richard was trying not to appear crazy by talking about his dream. He also didn’t want to lose credibility with Gloria, and so, to act more professional, he merely replied, “Maybe in Bill’s house?”

Gloria spoke in a very soft and friendly voice. “Maybe, but I think it was a long time ago. Have you been to Tijuana?”

“No, I haven’t,” replied Richard.

“I have been working for Bill for several years, but I was mostly working on the farm,” Gloria explained. “Many times, I was asked to work as a maid or hostess in the mansion when there were parties.”

Then she recalled the different times she was in the house, mostly during business parties for Acrebond’s high-ranking employees and other corporate executives and politicians, but sometimes other parties, too.

“I think I saw you once, many years ago,” replied Richard. “You were carrying a big tray, and one of your coworkers helped you. I think he is the staff manager now.”

“You mean Gabriel,” replied Gloria.

“You said that you came from Mexico several years ago. Which city in Mexico was it?” asked Richard.

“Tijuana,” replied Gloria.

“I thought you were from Juarez?” asked Richard.

“No, I’m from Tijuana. Why did you think I was from Juarez?”

“I’m not sure,” replied Richard. “Do you have relatives in Tijuana?”

“Yes, all my family are there, my parents, brother, and sister,” replied Gloria.

“Can you give me their names?” asked Richard.

“Yes, Jose Luis and Maria Elena are my parents, and I have a brother, Jose Antonio, and a sister, Rosa Maria. I send them money every month. I hope Acabar, sorry, Mr. Bill will keep his promise and help them while I am in prison.”

“Why would he promise you that he will look after your family?” asked Richard.

“He promised if I do as he says, he will look after them,” replied Gloria.

“What did he ask you to do?” asked Richard.

“You know…saying that I killed that man,” replied Gloria.

“You mean you didn’t kill Earl?” asked Richard.

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About Edward Avanessy

author Edward Avanessy

A note from the author

“The different episodes of this book were projected to me, like movie clips during meditation sessions. I was compelled to visit a Shaman retreat in Cusco, Peru, and experience Ayahuasca to complete the manuscript. I hope you enjoy the results, the story of Kiki Coto.” – Edward Avanessy


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