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Featuring scifi mystery Quantum Reaction by Marc Wayne

cover of Quantum Reaction by Marc Wayne

Life-altering tech is on the horizon, and someone wants it stopped—permanently. Can a murder witness escape paying the ultimate price?

Near future. Angela Kapp struggles with her past. Working remotely from an isolated cabin in a dead-end customer support job, she drinks too much and spends her days avoiding the world. But while on shift using a visual-interpretation headset to assist a blind person, the cynical loner is horrified when she virtually experiences the other woman’s gruesome slaying.

Shocked the next day when she recognizes the killer closing in on a second sightless client, Angela shouts for the software engineer to run. And after learning that he and the first victim are connected by a soon-to-be-released teleportation innovation, she convinces him to go to ground in her secluded home… only to become a target herself.

Can her paranoia and his unexpected skills thwart a sinister plot?

Quantum Reaction is a gripping science fiction mystery. If you like resilient heroines, unique blind heroes, and high-adrenaline action interwoven with humor, then you’ll love Marc Wayne’s flash forward to adventure.

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Excerpt from Quantum Reaction

Angela recognized the tall, powerfully built man with red hair who had strode into the building from the far door, a gap in his front teeth appearing when he smiled at the security guard.

“That’s him!” she yelled.

“Who?” JT had frozen in response to Angela’s panic.

“The killer. He’s at the far door,” Angela spit out the words.

JT’s head swiveled in that direction as Angela leaned in to confirm the sighting. “Keep looking that way,” she instructed as she remembered this time to snap a picture of the killer on her phone.

The killer caught sight of JT, his expression quickly morphing into grim determination. He took a stride toward JT, ignoring the identity check before the security guard reacted.

“Sir,” called the guard.

“He’s coming toward you.” Angela’s throat tightened, but she maintained her poise. “You’ve gotta get out of there. Turn to your nine o’clock.”

Two years of working together had JT reacting immediately.

“Now run.”

“Run?” questioned the blind man, even as his legs started moving anyway.

“Door opens automatically. Way’s clear.” Her voice was no longer panicked but rather conveyed certainty. She wasn’t going to lose another client—she’d get him to safety.

About Marc Wayne

author Marc Wayne
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Marc Wayne writes thrilling sci-fi mysteries. After publishing 8 novels in another genre under a different name and having several best-sellers, he has turned to his first love: sci-fi.

His years of marketing leadership positions in Silicon Valley honed his writing skills and sense of humor. Writing fiction was part of Marc’s everyday work for many years—these were just called ads, emails, and other marketing materials.

To Marc, it often felt like he was living at the intersection of technology and the future, where things you dreamt about could often become possible. After that, writing near-future sci-fi hasn’t felt like such a stretch.

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7 thoughts on “Excerpt+Giveaway: Quantum Reaction by Marc Wayne

    1. Go Dog Go, the children’s beginner book by J.D. Eastman, was the first book I remember reading by myself. It started me on a lifetime of reading and enjoying made-up worlds. I mean what’s not to smile about with scintillating dialogue such as, “Do you like my party hat?” “Yes, yes, I like your party hat.”

  1. Thanks for inviting me to your blog today. Quantum Reaction is #11 in Amazon’s Hot New Releases in its category right now and on sale for only $0.99 through Friday, Oct 6. I think readers will really enjoy this thrilling near future mystery.

  2. Good evening, Marc. Thank you for responding to my query yesterday, I hope that your story does make it to the big screen! Are you a fan of animation at all? Do you think that the story would translate well to that medium?

    1. I’m not really a fan of animation/anime. This story is more of a thriller that’s structured like a mystery. In other words, they’re trying to figure out whodunit rather than trying to prevent some world-changing catastrophe from happening. With the blind protagonist, I think it would be far more intriguing for fans to see this portrayed with live-action actors as many people don’t have a good understanding of what is possible today for blind people and technology.

      1. Thank you for responding. Your thoughts on the matter make perfect sense and I would have to agree with you that this story would work better as a live-action film

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