by Lisa Zajkowski

When skeptic Marvin meets artistic Natalie in a coffee shop on a cold October morning, the two fall fast in love, but nothing is ever as easy as it feels.

Natalie believes that a divine something is guiding her life for her greater good, and it seems to be true. She lands her dream job and she and Marvin marry at a beachside castle. However, the ease and flow of their lives start to change. At the same time that Natalie becomes pregnant, Marvin experiences strange symptoms and visits his doctor.

When faced with a diagnosis that changes everything and odd dreams of the child that hasn’t yet been born, will Marvin let go of his skepticism or will he miss out on a lifetime with his loving family?

They walk through the archway and the dancing roses appear to be just what Talie said it would be. The roses grow in such a fashion that they dance with the breeze and the aroma in the garden is what love would smell like if there were such a scent associated with it. There are thousands of vibrant colored roses up and down in rows and they do not look like typical rose bushes. The stems of the roses are different, stronger, and able to uphold the bud. Almost any color that can be thought of is here, including purple, red, blue, yellow, rainbow, black, turquoise, white, pink, orange, two and three tone colors, and a bright red-orange sparkling rose. “Who owns this place?” Marvin asks. “There’s a plaque with the owner’s name on it over here,” Talie says leading the way. The memorial reads: Jonathan Rutherford and Ellen Campanilli Rutherford established “Roses of the Garden” in 1913. “Wow,” Marvin says, “They must have some secret formula regarding horticulture because I’ve never seen such roses!”

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GUEST POST: Why I became a writer ….

I have always been creative in a sense and I’ve always been drawn to the creative arts. Although you wouldn’t know it with the lack of initiative in school (all through from elementary to high school, I didn’t want to be there). I wrote my first book when I was in 7th grade. The teacher assigned us to write a children’s book of twenty pages. The books I knew consisted of hundreds of pages of writing because that’s what my mom would read and I also would read longer books especially at this stage of my life. So, I set off to write twenty pages of text and dialogue and the date of the homework assignment quickly approached with me having my book not even half done. I certainly couldn’t turn in an uncompleted work, so I just didn’t turn it in. Then, the kids in my class stared sharing and showing their book and to my surprise, the pages were not filled with text, but mostly pictures with some writing. My mind was blown, so I went home that day and started drawing pictures on my pages that had room. Sadly, the story still wasn’t finished and I never did turn it in and I was too embarrassed to tell my mom and my teacher (who had called my mom because I was going to fail the class from what I remember) that I didn’t comprehend the assignment and was writing a book instead a “children\’s book”. My teacher ended up giving me something else to do and I passed the class and to this day, I still have that unfinished book of mine written in my 7th grade handwriting and I cherish it dearly and am now proud of how I set off to write a twenty page book at that age. My mom always loved to read and I remember since before I could read how I wanted so badly to read books like she did. I am grateful for her love to read because I believe it helped develop my creative side even further when I did learn to read. Besides writing books at a young age, I loved music and singing, coloring and making up stories and I was constantly writing song lyrics in my pre-teens and into my adult life. I feel like I’ve always had stories and books inside of me and then one day I had such a strong desire and an inspired thought/action to write, so I sat down at my computer and began typing. It was cathartic and gave me such a feeling of elation and filled me a purpose. I believe I became a writer because I am a writer and have been before I realized it.

Lisa M. Zajkowski has an exhilaration for life while exploring all areas from the ethereal to the ordinary, and she appreciates learning something from every aspect. Her main theme in life is fun, as she indulges in laughter and looks for the positive in every situation. She also thrives on pushing the boundaries of the body while enduring in the sport of Triathlon, having completed a Half Ironman. However, it’s her first love of running that brings her an immense sense of liberation and connectedness with the beauty of the world. Lisa loves connecting with people, and being a massage therapist allows her to do this as she enjoys helping people facilitate healing within their innate body systems. She is comforted in the softer side of life while cuddling with her dogs and cat, and desires to own a horse ranch. Lisa revels in the freedom of being fluid in her writing, taking pleasure in all genres of authoring. She is currently working on Drama, Sci-Fi, and Horror novels.

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