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Tides already took the Portuguese hearts by storm, now it’s time to become an English best seller. The already four-times-published fantasy author, Patricia Morais, is making her debut in English.




Years before Lilly Ashton was recruited, Ada Hughes had already caught the eye of the demon hunters. But what led Ada, the quiet and sweet girl from Diabolus Venator, to be recruited to fight supernatural creatures?

When children start to go missing in a fishing town, Ada Hughes fears for her two little brothers’ safety. Tide Springs was never really safe for them but she has a plan to escape their toxic family environment.

While battling her own loneliness and ignoring her forbidden love, Ada is faced with one more unexpected twist. Mythological beings and an ancient demon-hunting order will change her life forever.

She is suddenly afflicted with questions… Is this a new reality or just a hallucination? Will she be able to face this new world while being confronted with the secrets of her hometown?


TIDES is the first novella in the WORLD OF SHADOWS Origins series. A YA urban fantasy series about a demon-hunting organisation. If you like character-driven novels you are going to love exploring the background stories of the World of Shadows’ characters. Filled with supernatural vibes, action, mystery, and romance this supernatural world will take you by storm.

Fans of the Supernatural show, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, and the Shadowhunters stories by Cassandra Clare will love this book.

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My Review of Tides

This is a companion novella to a larger series, and though I haven’t read the series, this is both a nice story and what feels like a great bonus for fans of the books. Reading it on its own, it’s moving, heartbreaking, and inspiring, as well as very cool in terms of the supernatural elements. I’m a sucker for great “origin stories,” and this has all the elements of a “how they got there” story. I can see exactly how Ada makes the choices she makes to get to the end of this novella and beyond.

I really loved how this book explored abusive parents. I never looked at it quite this way before, but there is a big difference between people who remember a parent before they became abusive and people who’ve only ever known the parent as an abuser. Obviously, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, but this let me look at that dynamic in a new light. I always appreciate books that help widen my view of the world, doubly so when they do so in such a short number of pages.

Not much else to say. Very good intro point to Morais’s writing, and the story world looks like a romp of a good time (if one with dangerous demons). Would definitely check out more from Morais.

About Patricia Morais

author Patricia Morais

On paper, Patricia Morais is the author of the Portuguese books World of Shadows series (Sombras, Chamas, Correntes), the Kung-Fu memoir (Crónicas de Shaolin), and co-author of a paranormal anthology. She made her debut in English with the translation of Tides, a novella from the fantasy world she created.

In real life, Patricia likes to travel the world and experience different things. She has jumped out of airplanes and bridges, backpaked through South America, Thailand, and Eastern Europe, and studied Kung-Fu in China full-time for a year. 

Her favourite hobby is procrastinating with a popcorn bucket and watch supernatural movies (or tv shows) while calling it research. Her second hobby is to roam Wikipedia, looking for strange monsters while actually researching.

More about Patricia and links to connect at

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