by Chad Hunter

The year is 1716. The world is in the Golden Age of Piracy and fabled ships sail the seven seas. One such vessel is the Requiem, captained by the young but wise, brave but dubious Nabopolassar “Bo” Travis. Alongside his first mate Ghassan, quartermaster Winter Burke and navigator Glover, Travis seeks treasure, female company and good drink. The Requiem’s legendary adventures are filled with tales of monsters and myths – all of which are true. Now, someone or something is sailing the seas in search for a treasure chest – a chest that holds unknown riches which only promise to change the world forever. Captain Travis, his crew and a beautiful young map reader must brave the dark and the deep to find the treasure. Will the Requiem find the X on the spot before the infamous Captain George “Bloody-Face” Fiddick does? Will Travis uncover the secret behind the cursed black ship which changed his young life forever? And will the treasure chest truly be full of riches or does something far more insidious lie in wait? Ready your flintlock. Sharpen your sword. The Requiem awaits.

Lights flickered. The wind would regularly wheeze its way in enough to play with the candles that kept the hidden lair bright enough for reading, for planning and mainly enough to keep George Fiddick\’s men from walking off cliffs and cavernous drops.

George Fiddick or George \”Bloody Face\” Fiddick as he had come to be known, sat on a chair that was long since stolen from some ship long since raided and sunk. The tomes and books, art and items that filled the room in heaps here and there were also all pieced together from adventures on the seas long ago. No particular details rang clear in Fiddick\’s mind. Everything seemed to lump together. And that was life now for the aging man more so than the exactness of details remembered in his younger days.

A mountain of a man, Fiddick filled the whole chair as he leaned back into it. The wood and upholstery of the pirate\’s throne groaned under his size. His brown coat and dark pants matched the massive beard that covered his chin. The hair on his face was still smooth and wavy and mostly dark, unlike the thinning and graying hair atop his head. Of all the colors that comprised Fiddick, most focused on the red that regularly gushed from his nose. It darkened on the handkerchief in his bear-claw hand. It was not battle wounds and swords slicked in crimson that had earned him his moniker. \”Bloody Face\” was pejorative and it stuck. Now Fiddick let it be what it was – a terrifying legend to all who sailed. When captains and crews, privateers or navy saw the Crimson Lady, it was unmistakable. The mighty ship ruled seas and oceans with her black flags each with a red insignia shaped of a Great Deep woman.

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-What inspired you to become a writer?

I’d say it was more of a calling than inspiration. Story telling was in my blood and I started out sketching and lettering comic books at the age of six! They weren’t that good (possibly and most likely terrible!) But I knew that I was full of stories and passionate about wanting to get them out of my head and share them with others.

-If you could visit your book’s world for a day, what one thing would you do?

I would definitely sail with Captain Travis and crew! I’d like to think I would choose a wild adventure but I’d really end up chilling out at a pirate tavern!

-It’s two in the morning. What does your protagonist reveal in confidence? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.)

Hmmm, great question! I think Bo would reveal his fears about having the lives of his crew in his hands. Or he may talk about his dark secret – the real reason he became a pirate in the first place. (Hint: he’ll talk about it in “Of a Great Deep!”)

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?

Either Captain Bo Travis or Winter Burke. They both know how to have a good time even though they don’t know when to stop with the rum. On second thought, if I was looking for a reflective time of deep thought, I’d have tea with Ghassan, the Requiem’s first mate. He’s deep and would probably tell me something wise. And keep me out of trouble!

-You’re in a tavern, and a dwarf challenges you to a duel. What do you do?

I’d say “Yo mama so short she poses for trophies!” Then I’m sure we would start fighting. If we both survive, we’d be war-brothers or something and go off on an adventure.

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

Maybe historical non-fiction. It would feel too much like a research paper in school!


Chad Hunter was born in East Chicago, Indiana. Raised by a single mother in the city\’s Harbor section, he is the youngest of four. Growing up in the Midwest and a proudly self-proclaimed \”Region Rat,\” Hunter has written and published several books and novels. He has written for magazines and newspapers throughout North America and has been published in several languages. His writings have been called sophisticated yet humorous, sharp witted and unrelenting.
Most often, Hunter\’s writings have been considered so wide and diverse that they span a scale that would include multiple writers with multiple forms. In addition to being a published author and journalist, Hunter is also a professional speaker. Having presented to high schools, colleges and various other audiences, his talks and discussions center around the positive impact of literary and creative presences in one’s life. A large portion of Hunter’s focus is on the uncanny strength of human connectedness which is emphasized via the lens of writing and creativity.
Working in genres including dark fantasy, memoirs, science-fiction and anecdotal collections, Hunter weaves tales of monsters, heroes, zombies, wedding planning, technology, pirates and even black parakeets. With over ten books under his belt, If anything binds his varied styles, it is Hunter\’s theme of the human condition, humor and family closeness – all to the backdrop of romantic love, vibrant remembrance and even monsters themselves.

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