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An interview with L.T. Getty, author of sword and sorcery fantasy Witchslayer’s Scion

cover of Witchslayer's Scion by L.T. Getty

Koth’s life was decided for him since before he was born, for his ability to heal wounds by touch is rare even among his people. When an attempted kidnapping turns to sacrificial murder, he embraces vengeance and the sword. As he journeys far from his small isolated village in the north, he learns the truth as to why his bloodline is targeted by strange magic, in a world still rebuilding from a time when dark sorcerers didn’t bother with secrecy.

Koth thinks his quest is straightforward enough–find the men responsible, and kill them–and any who aid them. He will soon learn that those who have both privilege and power, there are few things they lack–and in the pursuit of godhood, their allies can prove even more sinister as mere mortals seek to advent empires and dynasties.

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Excerpt from Witchslayer’s Scion

“Something’s wrong,” Una said. “Koth, wait here.”

“Why?” If there was a problem, she should be waiting outside for him.

He sensed inside, his aunt’s thoughts remained hidden from him. Una shouted, and he ran inside the building. He thought there were lights on inside, but he saw no candles.

The tea house was very dark, and he felt a sudden dread—he wanted to leave. Baro barked from the outside. ~Una!~  he thought, before something hit his neck.

He knew at once it was a poison dart, and ripping it out he tried to smell what it was. Seeing metal reflect moonlight and he moved his hand, his skin cut. Moving instinctively out of the way, his next reaction was to purge the toxin that coursed through his body and tried to understand the wound. It was mostly his forearm, deep but he could still use it, the bone unaffected. He’d do a better healing later. He focused on something not unlike a burn before going for the knife at his hip. Striking 85 in the next liquid motion, Koth realized he was attacking his aunt.

She grabbed onto his injured flesh and seared it, destroying, weakening the sinew and the cartilage and causing it to age and die, following up the bloodstream, to find the heart and kill. Koth tried to brace; he couldn’t heal and keep her at bay. He was physically stronger and much heavier, but she was weakening his muscles. He tried to wrench the knife from her.

He knocked the blade to the ground then tried to lock minds with her to find nothing short of blinding pain take him over, wrestling him to the ground and making him drop his knife. She took the dagger and when he tried to force himself up, a familiar sense washed over him. Magic, but not coming from Una.

“Do not kill him yet,” Yeshbel said, “we will bleed him first.”

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Interview with L.T. Getty

-What inspired you to become a writer?

I’ve always loved story, and grew up on a lot of pulp fiction novels and comics. I was drawn towards science fiction and fantasy, and I think I wanted more heroines I could relate to. So I basically started writing so that girls would be involved in the adventure without being a princess and/or healer. Unfortunately, that leaned a little too much towards generic warrior woman in my earlier years.

I’ve since matured and now I don’t only write stories for myself.

-If you could visit your book’s world for a day, what one thing would you do?

If I could go anywhere and do anything, I’d probably board a ship and want to explore one of the southern islands in the Tenageen Imperium, but even getting some real sailing experience for a day (I’d probably need a few weeks) and then exploring one of the beaches would be amazing.

-It’s two in the morning. What does your protagonist reveal in confidence? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.)

Koth cares more about others than he lets on, and he does feel guilty that he can’t save them from the world. Because of his abilities, Koth has the ability to fight off mages and heals himself so he can keep going, and he can help others but they don’t have the natural regenerative abilities he does, and he didn’t do anything to earn those powers. The problem is much bigger than one man, and at least in this book, Koth’s far from the badass Witchslayer he will become.

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?

Koth. He can be difficult to get along with, but if you’re on his good side he’s fun and entertaining. Of course, he’d also be the first one to skip out on the bill, so know what you’re getting yourself into.

If I wanted someone to give me advice and probably a lecture, it would be Una. We’d be going out for tea, though.

-You’re in a tavern, and a dwarf challenges you to a duel. What do you do?

Koth is still with me? He provoked it, didn’t he?

If I have done something to offend dwarfen honour, I would apologize for my human ignorance and offer to buy him a pint. If this is someone just looking for trouble – well, I know no one is supposed to toss a dwarf, but I’d imagine exceptions can be made…

Koth and I are getting arrested, aren’t we? What? He snuck off without me? Sunnova…

-Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?

I tell other authors to ‘never say never’ usually because they get sick of a current WIP and they vow to never do it again.

I would say romance as a genre not as a literary movement. Romance makes a ton of money and I’ve been tempted, but I think if I were to try it would come across as disingenuous. That being said, never say never. I consider Tower of Obsidian to be something along the lines of an Arthurian Romance, but we’re talking romanticism as a movement opposed to romance as a genre.

About L.T. Getty

L.T. Getty is a rural paramedic from Manitoba. She enjoys writing science fiction and fantasy and generally being creative.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your interview and book details, I have enjoyed reading this post and I am looking forward to reading this book. I can’t wait to meet Koth, he sounds awesome!

  2. Great interview, L.T. I enjoyed the excerpt for Witchslayer’s Scion as well and I am looking forward to reading it! Good luck with your book and the tour! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a wonderful day!

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