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Purdu, the barbarian invader, has arrived! How can the pacifist, nonviolent City of the Magicians contain him when one faction appeals to his heart, the other to his ambitions?
Sas and Lalya are envoys of opposing camps, but Purdu throws them together to isolate them from their enclaves and assert his own authority. Yet two others decide to oppose him their way. Hyur, foremost metallurgist, secretly forges a magical weapon to tempt and subvert him. Gleswea, an astronomer, flees south to view skies she has never seen, but is swept into a culture that judges women of ability as necromancing witches deserving death.
Shoan, City strategist, reconstructing his wrecked plans, is unaware these four have slipped his calculations. Sas, Lalya, Hyur and Gleswea are unknowingly inching the City toward an unseen, perilous fate. Will anyone catch it in time?
Within, the second book in The City of the Magicians series, exposes how even as the City’s old dream of a rebirth in Magic seems to be happening, traditional institutions are failing. With Purdu spearheading the revival, some Citizens fear the purposes their Magic may soon be turned to.
Praise for Threat, the first book in The City of the Magicians series.
“An exquisitely crafted, richly textured world of magic and mystery, with settings and mood so exceptionally well visualized that fans of science fiction and fantasy should not pass up the chance to walk inside.” – IndieReader
“Apart from the beautiful writing, the robustly written characters, and the strong setting, Peter Gribble has the ability to immerse readers in a world that is well-imagined and sculpted. Having enjoyed Threat immensely, I am looking forward to the next installment in the series.” – Readers’ Favorite

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Excerpt from Within

“The barbarians are here!”

No surprise, no panic, just leisurely, informal reports of the barbarian advance, from the tiny, dusty smudge on the northwestern horizon in the morning (first sighted by observers on the Temple roof) to the stretched procession of innumerable men and—it was presumed—horses throughout the rest of the day. Yes, the barbarians had arrived, but impending threat was rendered negligible due to the flood.

The River Messig had risen the day before, swelling into an expansive lake transforming the City mountain into an inaccessible island. Exquisite timing and the glorious view from Temple Ridge’s wall fed a giddy superiority for those savoring the sight of barbarians stymied at the Messig’s new northwestern shore.

Morning euphoria subsided into languid nonchalance. The majority of Citizens did not care to join those on Temple Ridge—too crowded—and went about their day as usual.

There was not much to do. The Bureautica, the City’s administrative body, was quiet, the last pilgrims having fled days earlier, and a premature Spring Fasting was in effect due to the invasion.

As light faded on the first day, little cooking fires dotting the plain lent an almost cheery, even inviting aspect to the encampment. Almost, but not quite.

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About Peter Gribble

author Peter Gribble

Peter Gribble has written for NUVO and other magazines in British Columbia.

For over ten years he wrote a monthly gardening column for a local Vancouver paper.

The City of the Magicians is his first published series.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your bio and book details, Within sounds like an epic read and I am looking forward to it. Is this story a stand-alone or part of a series?

    1. Hi Beatrice, thank you for your interest. Within is book two in The City of the Magicians series. It can stand alone but the back story in Threat (book one) will give you a better idea of what’s going on and why. Happy reading!

    1. Good morning, book lovers. A big, warm thank you goes to Mary, the Story Whisperer and Goddess Fish Promos for having me. I’ll be popping in throughout the day to reply to comments and answer any questions you may have, so fire away! Enjoy the excerpt and good luck on the giveaway. Happy reading! Peter G

    1. Thanks, bn100, I was really pleased the way the cover turned out. It’s an invitation for you to enter the City of the Magicians! Welcome! Happy reading!

    1. Hi Kim and thank you. I’m glad you like the cover. It’s your personal invitation to enter the City of the Magicians and explore. Welcome and happy reading! Peter G

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